Favourites: April 2017

Hello beautiful readers, This isn't the blog post I was supposed to post. I promised you a part 2 on my London city trip post a few days after posting part 1. Instead, I decided to focus on my schoolwork (and I may or may not have watched some Netflix as well, I'm sorry). I … Continue reading Favourites: April 2017


Citytrip: London (part 1)

Hello beautiful people, I was looking through my 'old' photo's today and I came across the pictures from my citytrip in may 2015. I went for seven days to London with my father and I had the best time there. It may not surprise you that we did all the tourist things: we have visited the London … Continue reading Citytrip: London (part 1)


Heyhey, So I haven't uploaded a blog post in a little while, so I decided to write a little blog post for you guys. I started this blog about 1 to 2 months ago and I really enjoy making these blog posts. But, as you may already have noticed, my blog post is really boring … Continue reading Upgrade!?

My fave books

Heyhey, As you may already know... IT'S OFFICIALLY SUMMER! Even though the weather doesn't show that yet... School is almost over, what means I don't have to make homework, what means I don't have stress anymore, what means that I'm going on vacation, what means I can do whatever I want whenever I want! Is it just … Continue reading My fave books