New Year’s Resolutions


First of all: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! even though it’s already the 8th of January. Three months ago I made a blog post saying that I’m back and that I would be posting a lot more. Guess what? I failed. I haven’t been able to write for my blog and it really sucks. I’m just so busy with school. I definitely want to make 2017 MY BLOG YEAR so I came up with the idea to make a New Year’s Resolutions blog post, just like the other 300 billion bloggers out there on the internet lol. I feel like writing it down and push the publish button makes it real and I hope it gets me motivated to really stick to them. SO let’s get starteeeed!!

  1. This must come as a surprise to you, but I am going to UPLOAD A BLOG POST EVERY SINGLE MONTH. That’s my first goal. If it’s going very well and if I have enough time, I will be uploading more, but at least one blog post a month is my goal for now.
  2. EAT MORE PIZZA and try new recipes. Definitely the easiest resolution, except for the recipes. If you (know someone who has) have a foodblog, please let me know. I really want to try new food.
  3. Be more positive. It sounds so cliche, but I really want to BE MORE POSITIVE about everything. Even though my friends tell me I’m already quite positive, I want to bring positivity to the people around me, so it will be easier for me to be positive aswell.
  4. CARE LESS. This might sounds weird, but let me explain. I want to care less about the things that are not important to ME and I want to care MORE about the things that are important to me. Because sometimes my mind just exploses. I think I cared to much in 2016 about things I shouldn’t even have to care about and I don’t want to do that anymore in 2017. Writing it down makes it look selfish, but that’s not my intention ofcourse 😉 .
  5. Getting more ORGANIZED. Like my whole life needs to get organized. I think I might make a few blog posts about my organizing progress this year.
  6. READ MORE. I absolutely love reading, but because of my busy scheduele (work, school, sport) I don’t have a lot of time for reading. Right now I have like 15 books on my bookshelf that I haven’t read yet.
  7. Give myself more ME TIME. This might sound a little bit silly because you’re already 24/7 with yourself, but I think you know what I mean. I want more time for myself to relax: to read, to take a bath, to watch movies/series, to make my mind clear etc.
  8. This is my last resolution: ENJOY the things I’m doing more. I don’t know how it happend, but I actually ‘lost’ a lot of my excitement for when I’m doing things like (little) trips, celebrating Christmas, hanging out with friends and kind of everything a ‘normal’ person would or could be really excited about. Maybe it isn’t just me: please let me know if you’re struggling with the same thing. I want to be as excited as I used to be for such things. I think this is my hardest resolution, because I don’t know where to start. But I hope I will succeed this one the most out of all my resolutions.

Pffff… that are a lot resolutions to stick to, but I will SLAY this. I hope you liked this and that this inspired you. I think I will make an update about this blog in July. Let me know what your New Year’s Resolutions are 🙂

Love you! Taklives xx


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