Favourites: April 2017

Hello beautiful readers,

This isn’t the blog post I was supposed to post. I promised you a part 2 on my London city trip post a few days after posting part 1. Instead, I decided to focus on my schoolwork (and I may or may not have watched some Netflix as well, I’m sorry). I didn’t realise it has already been two months since I last posted and I haven’t finished my London city trip part 2 yet. However, I decided to write you a quick favourites blog post about music, Netflix-series / movies and more stuff.

I want to start with two of the songs I’ve been listening to non-stop:
1. Despacito – Remix by Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber. Yes Justin Bieber did sing in Spanish. You should definitely listen to it, you will not regret it.
2. There’s nothing holding me back – Shawn Mendes. His newest song is absolutely amazing. I love it when I hear all the energy and feelings a singer puts in his song, like Shawn Mendes does.

Moving on to Netflix:
1. Thirteen Reasons Why
If you haven’t watched this show already you have missed out so much. Maybe it’s not the best idea to watch it when you’re (a little bit) depressed, because it really is a tough series to watch. I’ve finished Thirteen Reasons Why within two days. The series is about a girl, Hannah Baker, who has committed suicide. Before she died, she’d recorded thirteen tapes, each telling one reason why she committed suicide, which have to be passed on to every person who is responsible for the reason why she killed herself: thirteen people: thirteen reasons.
Not only is the story line very intense, the way it has been filmed may or may not be even more intense. They haven’t let out the terrible things that have happened to Hannah in the series, they have even, on purpose, filmed those things in detail. I think they did that so people will realise what kind of impact these things have on teenagers. In most movies / series these things have been removed from the script or weren’t even in there and that’s why I think it is good to show this side too. Thirteen Reasons Why isn’t just any series to watch for fun. It had a big impact on me, for the way they filmed it, the story line and the impotence you have as viewer of the series. I can’t really explain what I felt watching it, if you want to know, you should watch it yourself if you haven’t already 😉

But I want to warn you: DO NOT WATCH THIS SERIES IF YOU’RE FEELING DOWN / DEPRESSED / ANXIOUS / ETC. because it only can make you feel worse.

That was it for my really short favourites blog post. I hope you liked it. Let me know what your favourite song atm is and what you think of Thirteen Reasons Why.

Love you! Taklives xx.


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